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Relax, we got the goods. Salvage your flat, office, waiting room, den, cubical or dungeon from utter misery and add some panache to your walls – get a Dotling.

Welcome to Dotlings! Good to have you here! We've divided the content into themed collections. The idea is to bring you an immediate overview and get you off to a good start here in our corner of the digital realm. In the end though we hope you'll enjoy your stay so much that you go through them all.

Music Collection

Portraits and caricatures celebrating some of our favourites. A collection bound for expansion as time goes by. This is just scratching the surface.

All our non-caricature portraits gathered in one group. Poetic and serious stuff!

Caricature of Larry David

Light-hearted celebrations of famous people – their deeds and facial features.

Movie Collection

Flick through portraits and caricatures relating to the wonderfull world of moving pictures.

A mix of images that are difficult to label other than that we really like them and had great fun during the process of making them. 

Posters featuring typography to some extent. Some are dominated by it, while others make use of just the odd word.

Selected faces

Debbie Harry

Portrait of Blondie’s Debbie Harry

Joe Strummer

Portrait of Joe Strummer from the Clash.


Caricature of Larry David.

Man Cave

Caricature of Nick Cave.

In the driver’s seat

Caricature of  Sean Connery as 007 James Bond.

Way Out West

Caricature of Claudia Cardinale.

The Gatsbys

Caricatures of Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Jay Gatsby.