Dotlings is an offshoot to the design studio Dot Stockholm. As implied by the name the studio is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and during regular business hours we specialize in creating graphic design for brand identities. We’re talking logotypes, websites, packaging etc

Dotlings is a slightly different creature. The name is homemade and translates to something like darlings, cherished offspring or labour of love.

Dotlings is our playground, a place where we create things just for the fun of it. But that doesn’t mean we take what you see here lightly. Play and playfulness are always integral parts of creativity and the spark that makes designs come alive. And, just as in real life, it’s at the playground skills are discovered and refined.

Some of what you see here at have had a passed life as commissioned imagery or are spawned from such projects but most are simply images we wanted to see and therefore made. Topics and sources of inspiration vary, what unites all our images is that we had good times making them and really like the outcome.

Hope you share the latter sentiment enough to order a copy of your favourite. That would make us proud.
Much love from us over here at Dotlings!



C/O DOT Stockholm
Tomtebogatan 5 
113 39 Stockholm